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The Moran Victorian Mansion,

often referred to as the Queen of Hancock Street, is a magnificent home built in 1887 for water meter king John C. Kelley by Montrose W. Morris and has been restored to stunning beauty. This Romanesque and Queen Anne design house was model after the W. H. Vanderbilt house on Fifth Ave. in Manhattan. It stands on a beautiful tree lined street,  in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY. Owner Claudia Moran, has turned this beautiful jewel of Brooklyn history into the Moran Victorian Mansion.



A Charming Place for Elegant Affairs

"You were one of my favorite locations to work with because of the ease and cooperative spirit that you showed me from the beginning.  Your understanding of what I needed to make happen for the production and your willingness to make it possible was truly appreciated and that helped make for a great working relationship that is so vital for a successful shoot. In addition, your grace during stressful circumstances was truly admirable."


-Demian Resnick &

The Location Department of

Gods Behaving Badly


The Moran

Victorian Mansion